Portsmouth Herald Questions for Clean Election Candidates

1) Why are you choosing to run as a Clean Elections Candidate? As I'm sure you know, no Clean Election Candidate has won the race for governor.
a. Low Income - Social Security - I live off less than 25,000 per year. Period.
b. Independent Candidate - I have no party support.
c. Philosophy - My lack of wealth should not be a determinant for trying to run for office.
d. Intellect - I have solutions for many or most of the issues facing Maine - from growth to health care and taxes. We need innovation, creative thinking, to make Maine the best it can be and bring more people to Maine.
e. I donít like being owned by nor obligated to anyone or any organization.

It is irrelevant that this hasn't happened before. Don't tell me that I can't do something and I might just be stupid enough to get it done.
2) Do you think the law needs to be adjusted {to} level the playing field for Clean Election Candidates, Why/why not? If so, what are your suggestions for improving the law?
Of course the law should always promote equal opportunity for a citizen to participate in government. One change needed is for consistency in the numbers of signatures and qualifying contributions required for party and non-party candidates. The law should ban donations from out-of-state interests.

One possible alternative would be to eliminate government's involvement at the Primary stage completely. The parties should pay for that choice, not the government.
Kenneth A. Capron
1375 Forest Avenue D-11
Portland, Maine 04103