Blizzard Buster
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Proceeds Benefit MemoryWorks Serving Maine Seniors And Dementians

2018 Tournament Results
Blizzard Buster Cribbage Tournament play concluded Saturday, March 31, at the Maine Mall in South Portland. Morning Singles play consisted of 31 players from 31 playoffs around Maine competing in an 8 game, 31 player Round Robin. Three solid hours of competition produced one clear winner, Delvern Emerson Lank of Arundel. Del received the prize check of $1,500 and an ‘artistic’ cribbage board. There was a six way tie for second and third places which led to one round of single elimination and a three way playoff, which also resulted in a tie. So the three split the 2nd and 3rd prizes equally among themselves – Kelly Olsen of Lewiston, Owens Hicks of Minot and Everett Springer of Wells. Del was sponsored by Portland Pie of Biddeford.

The afternoon was dedicated to the Doubles Tournament. It was the first time doubles had been offered as part of this “Charitable Cribbage Tournament”. Thirty-eight players showed up, forming 19 teams. Players over 75 years of age played free. A 9 game Round Robin format was used, and semi-nutritional snacks were provided to all so they could maintain brain power throughout the nearly four hour competition. Round Robins produce a musical chairs effect where players change opponents after each game and as the play nears an end, players run out of games to win and stay in the competition. No team went undefeated, but one team outshone the rest with 7 wins and 2 losses – Wilma Harmon and Gene Brown won the competition and received $100 and some unique four-player cribbage boards for each of them. Six teams came close, with records of 6 and 3. As we all know, close only counts in horseshoes, so look for a surge in interest in horse shoes in the near future.

Overall the tournament involved more than 250 players from Bangor to Eliot, From Rumford to the Coast. MemoryWorks founder, Ken Capron of Portland, organized and operated the tournament as a “fun’raiser” for dementia support. “It was wicked good fun is what it was. There wasn’t a single player that couldn’t have won the day.” FMI visit or call 207-797-7891
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