November 21, 2013 ~ "The Economics of Aging in Maine"
MemoryWorks' Educational Conference at USM's Abromson Center
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CONFERENCE AGENDA ~ "The Economics of Aging in Maine" ~ November 21, 2013
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9:00 9:15 U.S. Senator Susan Collins Video Introduction
9:15 9:30 Kenneth Capron, CPA, MCSE, MCP, MemoryWorks Founder
Objectives of Conference:
TEAM is the first of many efforts to inform the business community and others of the challenges that Maine is facing in caring for its Elder citizens. This is only a beginning. There is so much to share. Some of the info shared may be unsettling, but for every thorn there is a rose. The conference ends where MemoryWorks began - Memory Cafés. Please bring an inquisitive mind. And share concerns for our seniors who also face a major illness such as Alzheimer's. Maine has an opportunity to be a leader in Elder Care. Embrace it if you can.
9:30 10:30 Julie Fralich
Director, Disability and Aging at Muskie School of Public Service
431 Wishcamper Center ~ University of Southern Maine,
(207) 780-4848,

Areas of Expertise: Payment and quality of long term care services including nursing home and residential care facilities, home and community based services and managed care programs for people dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare.

Research Interests: Ms. Fralich has worked for over 15 years in the design, development and analysis of health policy options with a particular emphasis on issues related long term care. She has expertise in the design and implementation of nursing home and residential care case mix payment systems, the development of quality indicators for use in home and community-based settings, the development of LTC assessment instruments and the use of assessment information for policy, practice and research. She also has experience in the synthesis, design and analysis of the policy and financing issues associated with programs that serve elders and adults who are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare.
The Workforce Impact of the Silver Tsunami
Setting the Stage: What do we know about impact of aging population on workforce, use of services and economy in Maine. This will be an overview of demographic trends in Maine; how those trends impact how services are used; who uses them; and the cost of care. It will also provide insights into what consumers want and what is needed so people can remain in their homes. Trends in the use and cost of services for people with dementia will also be explored.

2010 LTC Chartbook - Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine
10:45 11:45 Pamela Villarreal is the NCPA's (National Center for Policy Analysis) expert on retirement, Social Security, economic growth and tax issues. Villarreal has written studies and analyses on specific topics such as the danger of 401(k) borrowing, Social Security disability, the expiration of tax cuts and the future of Social Security and Medicare. How are Seniors Spending their Money? Trends over Time
The world is changing…but what about the spending habits of retirees? Using consumer expenditure data, I will compare the spending habits of today′s 65+ year olds to the same age group two decades ago in several areas – housing, health care, food, transportation, even entertainment. The differences may surprise you. I will also compare today′s seniors to the pre-retiree 55 to 64 year old age group to show trends in retirement preparation.
11:45 12:15 Lunch - Box lunches: Turkey, Ham, or Roast Beef with cheese, lettuce and tomato, or Roasted Vegetables - served with Potato Chips, Whole Fruit, Cookie, and a cold beverage Please use this time to meet our vendors and sponsors.
And re-energize with a capella blues by Myron Samuels.
12:15 1:00

Lynn H. Peel, President, Lead Senior Care Advisor ~ Beach Glass Transitions ~ Lynn Peel has been a leader in the senior care industry spanning the last 11 years. During her experience working in communities and with home health, Lynn worked closely with countless families who were facing the huge challenge of transitioning an aging loved one into eldercare services. The process is expensive, confusing, emotional, and incredibly time-consuming.

Lynn created Beach Glass Transitions in 2008 to provide these families with one point of contact, a trusted and professional Senior Care Advisor to guide them through the major transition. With Lynn's intimate knowledge of the senior care industry and her passion for assisting families, she is an expert in navigating the maze of eldercare resources.

She is an active member of the Portland Area Coalition for Elder Service, Healthcare Networking Group of Southern Maine, the Cumberland Senior Networking Group and the Southern Maine Agency on Aging's Long Term Care Working Group. Additionally, Lynn sits on the Family Advisory Board for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation. She is a Top Gun 2012 graduate, sponsored by the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development.
Nova has a diverse background in Nursing, communications, and business development. Nova came to Beach Glass Transitions in 2009 when she was looking to combine these interests in a related field with a company whose mission she cared about.

Before joining Beach Glass Transitions, Nova's experience in senior care was of a personal nature, as she was her elderly father's primary caregiver through the end stages of his life. Knowing firsthand what it means to a family to go through this kind of experience, Nova is passionate about the educational and transitional services provided by Beach Glass Transitions.

Nova serves on the Advisory Board of the Southern Maine Wellness Council. She is a member of the Healthcare Networking Group of Southern Maine, the Cumberland Senior Networking Group, and is a Top Gun 2012 Graduate. She holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Pennsylvania. In her free time, she also teaches creative writing to adults, and is a US Coast Guard licensed sailboat Captain and Able Seaman. She has sailed across both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans twice each!
The Impact of Eldercare on your Workplace and your Bottom Line ~ Have you heard the statistics about how working caregivers impact the workforce? Roughly 1 in 8 employees is caregiving for an aging parent. It′s an average 8-18% increase in employer health care costs. It′s roughly $2,400 in lost productivity per caregiving employee per year. That′s important information to know, but what do we do with it? How do we apply it? Employers need to understand more than just the numbers; they need to understand the daily challenges these caregivers face, and what information/resources can help them to overcome these challenges. Come hear from experts at Beach Glass Transitions who work with employers to help them identify how eldercare impacts their workplace. They will show you the statistics and share their stories and insights with you, including the simple but vital role your leadership can play in improving the work experience and productivity of your caregiving employees and coworkers.

  • Gain a specific understanding of Maine working caregivers based on their actual stories and experiences
  • Identify the unique challenges facing Maine working caregivers
  • Take away practical information that you can share with current and potential caregivers in your workplace
  • Understand the impact this information can make on your coworkers and their stress associated with caregiving
Lynn H. Peel, President,
Lead Senior Care Advisor,

Nova K Ewers, CSA
Manager of Business Development & Marketing
Beach Glass Transitions, LLC
Tel: 207-210-6498
Fax: 888-762-6041
72 Ocean Street, Suite 104
South Portland, ME 04106
1:15 2:00 Judith B. Clinco, R.N., B.S. ~ Caregiver Training Institute
Judith B. Clinco, RN, BS, President and CEO of Catalina In-Home Services, Inc., Tucson Arizona, has been an innovator in community-based long-term care for over 30 years. A tireless advocate for professional standards for senior home care aide education and service, she also works to promote livable wages and benefits for the industry.

Judy Clinco could never have envisioned how a search for in-home care for her mother would alter her own life forever. As the aging population grew by leaps and bounds, Judy recognized another need: better education for care-givers. With 20/20 vision of a school that could offer training opportunities for economically and educationally challenged adults in the community, Judy raised more than one million dollars to create The CareGiver Training Institute, a 501 (c) 3 corporation that has the highest standards in Arizona and provides tuition assistance for many students. In addition to preparing graduates for the work-force, her goal to bring them self-esteem, improved wages, and job-security has become a reality. CGTI is the largest training center of its type in Southern Arizona and the second largest in Arizona. More than 1,200 graduates in ten years have raised the standards and changed the face of elder care in the region, adding more than $20,000,000 annually to the economy while significantly reducing reliance on public assistance.
Where Will the Next Generation of Direct Care Workers Come From?
2:15 3:00
Brenda Gallant ~ Long Term Care Ombudswoman
Brenda Gallant R.N. serves as the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman and as the Executive Director of the Maine Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program. The Ombudsman Program is the federally and state mandated advocacy program for residents in nursing homes, residential care, assisted living and for recipients of home care services. Under Brenda's leadership, the program was established as a non-profit agency in 1995. The program is recognized for its independent advocacy model and its effectiveness in problem solving on behalf of long-term care consumers and their family members. Additionally, the program has been successful in initiating legislation to improve service delivery and quality of care.

Brenda has served on a number of long-term care workgroups and commissions including: the Long-Term Care Implementation and Oversight Committees, the Direct Care Worker Wages and Benefits Study Group, the Blue Ribbon Commission on Affordable Housing and the Long-Term Care Commission to Study Nursing Facilities. She co-chairs the Maine Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes. This coalition has supported Maine nursing homes in achieving a 17% reduction in the use of antipsychotic drugs over the past year.

Brenda worked with direct care workers to get legislation passed to improve staffing ratios and quality of care in Maine nursing homes. She also worked to get passed legislation requiring a quality review committee for home care coordination services, as well as legislation that improved the assessment process for eligibility for services by requiring nursing judgment. Additionally, the program has been successful in addressing needed regulatory change and initating legislation to improve services.
The Maine Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program: A Critical Resource for Consumers and Family Members When they Encounter Problems with Long-Term Care Services

Description: Learn about the assistance the Ombudsman Program can provide when employees' family members need services or when problems arise with access and or quality of services. Learn about the statewide listening sessions conducted in communities across the state to discuss concerns and ideas about service delivery.
3:15 4:15 Genworth Financial - Jerry Larkin
Sponsored by: Dan Dougherty, Financial Advisor
Edward Jones
619 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME 04101
(207) 772-9576 ~
Genworth Financial's renowned presentation: "Winning in the Second Half"

A must read: Maine State-Specific Data from the Genworth 2013 Cost of Care Survey.
4:15 4:30 Kenneth Capron
Defining the problem; Acknowledgements; Drawings
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9:00 10:55 See Main Speakers above
11:00 11:45 Ann V Quinlan
First Light Home Care
Portland, Casco
The Three Rules ~ Managing the Challenging Behaviors of Dementia.. People caring for anyone with Dementia in mid to advanced stages will find this workshop offers life changing ways toward reducing stress; theirs and that of their loved one. I will allow about 8-10 minutes for feedback and questions.
11:45 12:15 Lunch
12:15 1:10 Visit Vendor Tables
1:15 2:10 Timothy M. Vogel, Esq. Senior Partner
Vogel & Dubois
550 Forest Avenue Suite 205
P.O. Box 3649
Portland, ME 04104
Phone: 207-761-7796
Fax: 207-761-6946
What Alzheimer's Families Need To Know About Law And Money.
2:15 3:10 A Workshop Presented by Richard Blumenthal, CSA, Certified Senior Advisor and Lynne Maxfield-Cole, Interior Designer and Expert in Universal Design "Aging on Place" - A discussion of available resources to help aging adults stay in their homes and meet the challenges imposed by chronic medical conditions and physical limitations associated with aging.
3:15 4:15 Ann V Quinlan
First Light Home Care
Portland, Casco
The Three Rules ~ Managing the Challenging Behaviors of Dementia.. People caring for anyone with Dementia in mid to advanced stages will find this workshop offers life changing ways toward reducing stress; theirs and that of their loved one. I will allow about 8-10 minutes for feedback and questions.
4:15 4:30 Kenneth Capron
Defining the problem; Acknowledgements; Drawings