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MemoryWorks began simply as a couple of memory cafés started by Donna Beveridge and Ken Capron, both of whom had a dementia related diagnosis and both of whom were part of a support group at the Alzheimers Association. When the local AA elected to not support the memory café concept and declined to provide minimal funding for them, Ken decided to pursue the quest of creating grass roots support for dementia and exploring outreach to and activities for people with dementia - wherever in Maine they may be - using the cafés as a tool.

So the non-profit entity, MemoryWorks, was launched with minimal funding and limited support. It has been growing ever since. While Ken and Donna were the driving force in getting things started, a lot of people in the dementia care community have helped with new cafés - helping as volunteers, providing venues and having patience while this magic bean takes root.

In the first year of its short existance, MemoryWorks has established a network of eight or nine memory cafés. MW hosted a day-long conference on the Economics of Aging in Maine. MW started the Annual Alzheimers Awareness and Caregivers Appreciation Day at the Ballpark. And MemoryWorks has become an active member and supporter of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America along with its purpose, programs and outreach.

AFA will be a major part of our second year. We will be launching community memory screenings using the AFA format and the SAGE test. It is our intent to start up a dementia care training program using the DCPA certifications that AFA has in place across the nation.

Fundraising has to be a major part of the 2014 plan as well as staffing. Neither Ken nor Donna expect to be able to manage the activites that are planned nor the high demand for memory cafés across Maine. In fact, Donna has assumed an almost honorary position with MW as the nature of the corporation has become more technical.

2014 will see the continuation of efforts to reach out to the media in order to raise awareness of the dementia issue and stigma. We badly need writers and people who can make appearances and social media gurus. And we could use a few more Board members who support the grass roots aspect of MW and the openly innovative approaches to addressing dementia in Maine.

In a grant that DHHS/OADS was awarded in 2013, DHHS described the status quo as "... the current system in Maine is fragmented, often insensitive, frequently uncoordinated and confusing, and generally unsatisfactory, ...". MemoryWorks is the only grass roots entity on the stakeholders committee that is trying to decide how to spend $566K for the benefit of the dementia community. If you want to know more about this grant and the intentions of the other stakeholders, contact us today. We can't represent your voice unless we know who you are. We sure as Heck can't continue to tolerate the existing "unsatisfactory" system, nor the entities that got us to this point.

Kenneth A. Capron, Founder and CEO

Board of Directors 2015

Kenneth A. Capron, Former CPA, MCSE, CAS
Founder, MemoryWorks (
Former Director of Accounting at Maine Medical Center
1375 Forest Avenue D-11
Portland, ME 04103
Hank Herdt
Linda Herdt
CaringWay, inc
Comprehensive Home Care
Office 207-363-3767
Cell: 207-475-6651
Donna DeBlois, RN, BSW, MSB, MBA, AHCA
President and CEO
HomeHealth Visiting Nurses (A Dvision of Maine Health)
15 Industrial Park Road
Saco, Maine 04072
Nancy Eastman, OT
Mercy Hospital, EMHS
542 Blackstrap Road
Falmouth, ME 04105
Germaine McNutt
6 Allenson St
Springvale, ME 04083-1101
Dementia Client; Former Nurse
We are looking for individuals committed to improving the status of People With Dementia to serve on our Boards.

We are creative, and like to challenge the Status Quo.

501c3 Status has been approved.
MemoryWorks, 1375 Forest Avenue D-11, Portland, ME 04103 ~ ~ 207-797-7891